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Feb. 13th, 2017

So .. we have offshore teams working in Bulgaria during Australian business hours.
They messaged me 'Good morning' and naturally I respond with 'Good morning' back to them.
Then I realised.. actually .. it's super early morning for them. Just after midnight their time when they messaged me.

Morning can be between midnight until noon. However, most people would not say 'good morning' to people after midnight but before waking hours of the morning.

Soooo next time I decided I will just say 'good dawn' to them.

Dec. 9th, 2016

Threw away 160 pens (that ran out of ink) today.
There were more that ran out of ink but they were pretty or too many memories attached so I saved a few.

Oct. 9th, 2016

Did tax return today. Seems like it has been simplified. So I'm happy.

The only flaw I encountered was the 'print or save' button when completing the website on firefox. My bf and I both had the same error and we couldn't go back to print/save it. Maybe there's a way but I can't be bothered to find out.
Spaghetti and chicken and pineapple fried rice and ice cream Sundae at Eastwood on Saturday with my bf makes a pig (me) happy!

Overplayed shop heroes on Facebook on Sunday till 3am trying to get the gold key award.
Will not do that again next Sunday!

I dreamt I got made redundant on Monday morning but for some reason my manager didn't know about it - and I kept the news away from my manager for 2 months and then told her about it a day or two before my last day at work. I didn't do as much of a handover as I should have I think - in my dream anyway. In reality though, manager will always know. Strange dreams.

Bought 3 sets of Winsor & Newton water colour 45 half pans today online - one for Mum, one for sis, one for Mum's friend (but my Mum's friend will pay for it).

Ooooh and I found out my dear friend in Canada got married! I'm happy for her :) Lucky him. I'm blessed to have met such a lovely friend even though with distance means harder to keep in touch. I tend to visit her every 5 years or so overseas! Last time was in Hong Kong, and I got close to meeting up with her last year but only got to her front door (she wasn't home).

Autumn weather

Yesterday felt kinda warm for Autumn.

Dad and Mum actually went for a swim. Yes, the pool is heated but it was outdoors and I was still in long sleeves and shorts so it wasn't *that* warm.
Mum said the water was cold and she asked me to call Dad to get out of the pool when it was starting to get dark but I was too lazy. (Apparently he wouldn't listen to her but he'd listen to me). He was coughing afterwards but I think he has recovered today.

As for Dad, I think his reason for going into the pool was because my parents are arranging someone to build a pool enclosure for our pool and Dad wanted to install some swimming pool light before the constructions start to take place.

Today's much colder!
They both declined to swim today :)
I'm glad they are still sane to some extent.


Do people really work 14 hour days? I did 11.x and I'm tired already. (although more planned tonight).

I wonder if they meant 14 hours every day, or whether that includes Saturdays and Sundays to make up for the 14 hours average.... or did they mean once in a while they work 14 hours a day?

In the past week I had 2 people come up to tell me that they were doing 14 hour days before they got made redundant (well one of them used to but stopped end of last year).
Just discovered it on youtube.. yippee :D

Some wins... after yet another busy day at work.
Work incoming is always greater than Work outgoing. *Sigh*
And backlog just builds day by day.

No sense of time

Our family has no sense of time. 3 out of 4 of us are still awake at 3:51am.

Ironically ... I have a webpage "The Science Of Good Sleep" opened on my other web browser window.

Small world!

Today I was chatting to this girl on our floor and I found out she lived on the same street as me - I was on #7, she was #10 so just opposite my house to the right.

This girl went to the same primary school as me, and then I later found out she also went to the same high school as me! And now she works in the same company and same department! Small world isn't it?

She's about 6 years younger than me though.


At 3:07am - my Dad is the first to go to sleep tonight.
Followed by me. (right after this blog entry)
Probably followed by sis, then lastly my Mum who's doing the dishes and will have a shower before sleep.

I wonder if other families do something similar on random days like we are doing this random Sunday morning.

And I know that Sam is still up over in his suburb!

Anyway - off now.