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2014 results.

Got a rating of 2 this year for work.

1 is the best you can get, then 2+, then 2, then 3, then 4.
I usually get 2's which is probably average.

They don't mean a lot to me anymore these days anyway. To get a 2+ you usually need to go way above and beyond. And to get 1 you probably have to stay up till midnight.. 2am regularly to do the more than you are paid to do.


Burped a lot today.
Stomach's been misbehaving for a while.
Should get it checked.
Maybe it's the helicobacter pylori which I have had once but the symptoms are very different from the last time.
So hopefully it's something else. Like the potentially half overcooked / half undercooked small piece of chicken that I made myself around a week before NY.
However, I thought it was auto fixed the following week because I felt almost 100% when I went to Sam's bro's baby shower get-together where we had bbq.
But it's been a little bit unpleasant the last couple of days - lots of burping. Sometimes almost nauseous.
I guess if it doesn't heal itself in a week or so I will see a doctor.



Just randomly loving that it's a New Year. A new beginning.
Challenges are still here and I know I will try and I will fail sometimes.
I will try and be better in all that I do and also try and be healthier I think.

I also have in mind that my L licence is expiring soon and I think I will fail to get the test done on time and will just have to renew it and do the test again.
But doesn't matter. Better late than never. I haven't given up!
Boy I hope I'm not auto spamming anyone's inboxes!

Just randomly scribbling into here with boring stuff.
Just for the sake of scribbling.

NYE was spent at Parra shopping during the day and dinner at Sun Ming Chinese cafe place.
I generally watch the fireworks from home. I accidentally sent my parents to Castle Hill Main Street to watch the 9pm NYE fireworks - but I didn't realize it was a TV screen showing the fireworks at the city instead of actual fireworks. So Mum came home fireworks hungry so Dad drove her to watch the midnight city NYE fireworks at Balmain.
It looks like they could only see the fireworks near the top of the bridge and above - so not the best view but it was very peaceful apparently.

3rd Jan Saturday was spent shopping and lunch at Liverpool Shopping with Sam. Shopping for baby shower present for his bro's 1 month old baby Patrick.
Then we dropped off at his cousin's after lunch to pick up chairs from his cousin's house and then headed to his bro's home.
We helped set up the chairs/ tables whilst the others attended to setting up the bbq for a lamb. (many flies went for the lamb - I am glad I don't like lamb much in general :) so no fly-contaminated food for me :D)
They hired a jumping castle for the kids to play - but the kids played dangerously - they managed to climb to the top of the jumping castle. IF they fell the wrong way and hit this metal thing - it'd be pretty bad. So scary.... One little kid got hurt and was crying - I think maybe just too crowded inside the jumping castle and cos he was smaller than the other kids it's probably easy to get hurt.
This person (Sok Chea) - his baby was so cute it knew how to smile and shown a lot of expressions.
I met Sam's bro's wife's parents for the first time - his mum seemed friendly and nice.

8th Jan Thursday our manager visited us at our Sydney office from Perth. He had a two day workshop here. I was 10 minutes late to work despite every attempt to be on time. (I only live 2 min drive from work) / 25 min walk.
To my surprise the whole team was already there and chatting with my manager just inside the entrance of our block - except for Belinda (whom the manager forgotten to invite.. perhaps our team was just too big or she got overlooked as a part-timer or simply a human mistake).
Was feeling pretty sad for Belinda that the manager forgotten to invite her - because she would have loved to have been there. But having 3 kids and work from home, it'd be impossible for her to arrange someone to babysit the kids in such short notice.
I think I was too shy? to approach the group to say hi to the boss or afraid I'd possibly ruin the atmosphere - so I just went to my desk and chatted to anyone I haven't seen for a while and went back to work.

Rosy (one of my team members) came over with the manager and asked me if I would like to join them for coffee. I shaked hands with the manager but kind of declined the coffee then thought what a bad move. The whole team was having coffee with the manager and I declined - he must think poorly of me hahah. I don't like coffee and I'm not a social butterfly so my instinct was to decline.

Struggled a bit to get to work as the power plug wall wasn't working so I played musical desks for a bit, then eventually logged a ticket with the site operations team to assist.

We had a team dinner at West Pennant Hills Sports club. I got there 6pm sharp for drinks but everyone was there before me cos I went home first and most likely everyone got bored of staying in the office.
They wouldn't let me in though without a membership number or knowing someone who's a member. It ended up no one in my team was a member and the receptionist picked on a random member who happened to be a good samaritan to sign in on behalf of me. Perhaps the rest of the team are not locals so they allow them to enter without joining.
The food was great there - all the guys had beef, the rest had schnitzel (a lady & I).
Peter Mac offered me a lift home via his new 2015 VW which smelt of fresh leather!

10th Jan Sat - had hot pot Mmm at Sam's house with Sam and his sis's husband. Watched him play his new games / went shopping for cake ingredients and ended up buying a mud cake from Woolies and Fruit cake from woolies instead - cheaper and already made.
Bought pancake mix which we used to make pancake :) Yum.
Then watched Masterchef - old series (an episode where they were cooking brains.. with Merium .. Callum.. and others) - and eventually went to Carlo village for dinner - rice noodle at the tables opposite the Chinese supermarket.
Got dropped off at home.

11th Jan Sun - stayed home mostly but went out for dinner with Family. Tried a dish we haven't tried there before (Fook Kien Fried rice) at Eastwood Chiu Kong? (can't spell).. just another Chinese cafe/food place.
It was ok - same sauce as usual - but they had fish in it which wasn't fishy so it was ok. And no real meat in it.

Had fun playing with Mum's Samsung phone taking photos and adding bows and crown images to her photos.
Ipad camera's more fun though with it's kaleidoscope, mirror, negative? or xray functions. I love the mirror function cos I can make myself look like an alien or a conjoined twin :P

Water bomb water guns and hoses

I spent Christmas day with Sam & his family, and Christmas evening with my family. Thanks for the tips from Neko-chan~

We had a nice BBQ (although there were some unusual food sitting on the BBQ such as chicken feet which I didn't try)+ other food (including the best fried chicken wings ever which wasn't BBQed), then I ended up soaking wet from a water fight I didn't really plan to join.
Not because I didn't want to play too but I wasn't wearing the best gear I suppose - and I didn't really have a change of clothes which didn't bother me exactly. Sam forgot to tell me about the water bombs a day in advance so that I could bring a change of clothes.

I was just happily feeling proud and making bigger water bombs than anyone else made (experience pays ;) and it brings back memory of when I had friends over back in year 7 ).

But later, someone - I can't remember whom.. maybe Sam's sister got the water hose out and drenched everyone with it and got me eventually and after that everyone else felt like they could target me with water too.

It was good fun, until I realised how long it would take to rinse the water out and get my clothes dried. Sam arranged for his sister to lend me a change of clothes - which I refused to wear so I guess my stubbornness made things a bit awkward. I just didn't want to end up potentially dirtying or ruining her clothing. Preferred to be soaking wet. The cold fan and the hair dryer didn't seem to help. But I think for that reason, I got sent home early after a bit of game, pressies opening time and cake. Watching the kids enjoy the gifts that we gave them and liking most of them made me happy :) Girls are easier to get for than boys - just cos I never really ever had to buy gifts for boys in the past. The boy enjoyed his toy train in a tin from Myers. The girl enjoyed the digi birds, pencil case, coloured pens, pretty erasers and the shopkins and whiteboard.
But then giving people gifts they don't really enjoy makes me feel a little guilty - I need to get better at gift picking for the male species especially I think ^^ Considering some of the boys' gifts ended up rightfully going back into the girls' gifts :)

The night was spent at home :) We had turkey. But we spent a lot of the time just trying to tidy the house with Christmas music in the background because Mum's cousin was visiting the next day. It feels so good to have more space in the house but boy my legs are sore from walking up and down the stairs too many times.

Boxing day was spent worrying about trying to get reports running because I kind of had to go Yum Cha with Mum's cousin and his wife. I knew one report was going to be delayed but I went with the risk. They could contact my mobile if they really had to and I was only 5 min drive away from free WiFi anyway. They got their delayed reports eventually - and possibly it wasn't required today anyway because theoretically today's public holiday for ANZ.
Everyone's so secure with their Wi-Fi these days - not a free non-secured Wi-Fi between home and Carlingford Village :P But people do name their Wi-Fi funny names such as "baka" (ie. 'idiot' in Japanese) and "Why Fi?"

Bedtime anyhow... I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas and Boxing day!

Hungry Jacks Game

Does anyone want to try and beat my high score of 194 ?


It's a hungry jacks game where food falls from the sky and you have to catch as many as you can. Whatever food items gives you the highest points I suppose :)

If you come first by the end of the week (I think Monday?), you'll get a $100 JB-hifi voucher.
If you come 2nd-5th you get Hungry jacks whopper meal vouchers ^^

On Monday two people hacked though I think. They got crazy scores like 1000004 or similar.

I don't think I'll ever come 1st-5th - currently 8th. This is because last week the highest scores seem to be 1k+.

I'll play for fun though.

I should work though. Boring work .
Practised driving to Castle Towers today with Dad.
*reminder to self* - Need to look straight more when changing lanes and not keep looking right and back when changing lanes; otherwise the steering wheel seem to have the same idea and it's just a dangerous move when there's opposing traffic in the next lane on the right!

I bought a WD 2tb hard disk drive today from JB Hi-Fi ^^ Amazing how far prices have gone. Only $139.

I'll eventually need to get on top of the rest of my shopping list.
- A new laptop
- A good portable digital camera
- A car
- A house
*Sighs with regards to the latter two of the above 4 items*
- Non see-through T-shirts with pictures on them that fits fat me.
- Anything to trash old /worn out stuff with new stuff and any normal necessities!
- More pretty size 2/3/4 shoes - possibly one pair of high heels size 2/3/4 shoes. I think I'm usually a size 3 AU? / EU size 35. It's so hard to get high heels when you have small feet! But having been told off for not wearing high heels by so many people as a bridesmaid - it tempts me to find a size 3 nice pair of high heels suitable for weddings.
- More wii games maybe.
- More board games maybe.
- A4 Folders to sort out papers.

Now to gross people out -
I don't believe I did a heart shaped poo yesterday. ^^ First time in my life. Almost took a photo.

Ok .. I should tidy and back up valuable data now due to corrupt sector on my hard disk drive.

Christmas Get-together yesterday

Thank you Vive for arranging the Christmas get-together :) Thank you everyone for organising the food!

Being disorganised as usual, I think I stayed up till 4 something am or 5 something am wrapping gifts prior to the actual day. I did a last minute shopping for BBQ pork/ Roast pork and Christmas gift bags and writing cards and ended up an odd 45 minutes late to the Christmas lunch. I left part of the presents behind by accident.
Once I arrived and everything was sorted, the stress has died ^^.

Fortunately, Coco arrived at the same time as me (with her baby boy Samuel's head under her dress *laughs*) and Bec arrived not long after my arrival... so I wasn't the only one that was running late ^^

As tired as I was, it was good seeing everyone again and having the little bundles of cuteness entertain us as always, as well as entertaining stories that everyone had to share. Thanks also to UD whom helped pass dishes and food - otherwise my shaky hands from lack of sleep would have been way too obvious :D.

I was spoiled yesterday - so thank you all for the gifts.

I can't wait to decorate the house garden with solar lights. Got to love Christmas.

I also can't wait to try the WII game but I will probably attempt to try and make some floor space (ie. tidy some parts of the house) first. Thank you Bec!

Thanks for the trouble of getting me a crimping tool and clips Vive :)
Despite having some challenges with the CAT6 crimping tool, I managed to learn how to strip the cable, and after some sore fingers and several inches of cut cable, I finally got it working :D No need for an engineering degree after all :P Youtube has the answers (proud) :D

Must have been almost a year of disconnecting from the internet due to a broken RJ45 plug and I didn't want to go through setting up a cable from one side of the house to another so the crimping tool was awesome. I am far from gentle to everything that I own so it's inevitable that I will break the clip again so the crimping tool is the best solution.

Thank you for all the chocolates too - it will probably last me a few months!
I got my Opal Card today =D.

Looking forward to travelling for only $2.50 on Sundays via Cityrail :D

can it be Christmas?

I want Christmas now. Longest journey to Christmas in any year. Tired. headache :( At least weekend isn't far away.